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Root Canals @ Salem DentistTeeth that are cracked or decayed are susceptible to infections, an extreme infection can lead to tooth loss. In order to help prevent infections or to treat a serious infection a procedure referred to as endodontic therapy or (root canal surgery) may be the only cure.

There are two main instances that may occur where a person has to have a root canal surgery performed. One of the first instances is if there is an infection. The other apparent reason why a patient may be forced to have to undergo a root canal surgery is if they have endured extensive damage or trauma to their tooth that cannot be fixed through using common everyday filling practices.

A lot of people are under the impression that “getting a root canal”, involves canals being placed into an individuals tooth, this assumption could not be any further from the truth. An individual tooth obtains anywhere between three to four different canals that are filled with tissue, otherwise known as pulp. When the pulp of a person’s tooth begins to decay and become infected necessary treatments are required in order to save this tooth.

During a root canal surgery, an individual’s root canal is exposed with a drill and the pulp that has become infected is extracted. The empty space in the tooth is filled with a barium-treated substance. This substance helps ensure that the procedure can be confirmed by using an X-ray. The filling will be sealed, generally with a crown in order to eliminate the chance of any further infection in the tooth from occurring.

However, be aware that even though most root canal surgeries can be performed in one visit, there are some surgeries that require that the patient return for an additional visit to get this issue rectified. Basically, the amount of visits that you can expect to have to go through will be based on your individual circumstance.

Remember, that obtaining a root canal is actually a pretty extensive dental procedure to have to go through. Therefore, just like other dental or medical procedures that are invasive you can expect a few complications to occur. Often times, once the root canal is opened for treatment to take place oxygen or air may trigger some of the bacteria in the area of your mouth to start growing. This bacteria growth can cause increased swelling and pain in the area being treated.

Inflammation and extreme discomfort are a few other symptoms that could occur when having a root canal procedure performed. However, your dentist will ensure that you are as comfortable as he can possibly make you. Generally, the area that is obtaining the root canal will be numbed and your dentist will take all the precautions that they can to ensure that no bacteria gets swept into the area that they are performing the procedure on.

If you presently have a cracked or decayed tooth and are presently experiencing extreme pain and discomfort, feel free to contact Salem Root Canel Dentist for an appointment today. We will help you decide on which procedure will work best for you.

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