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Salem Oral SurgeryMost dental procedures can be performed by a regular dentist. However, oral diseases, trauma, and other types of surgeries must be performed by a highly skilled and qualified oral surgeon. All of Salem oral surgeons are licensed in dentistry and have obtained additional training. The surgeons have years of experience in cosmetic surgery, craniofacial surgery and reconstruction.

Oral surgery is defined as a specialized training course in the dentistry area of study. Salem Oral surgeons are responsible for diagnosing, treating and performing surgery on patients that have oral defects that cannot be rectified on their own accord or with the use of basic dentistry equipment or tools. Most places around the world will require an oral surgeon to be adept in both medical procedures as well as dental procedures. These individuals are mandated to take three additional years of training after passing a dentistry program from a renowned university or college.

Oral surgery procedures are regularly performed on a patients jaw, face, neck and skull. Some of the procedures performed include:

  • Removal of teeth that have been impacted and other tooth extractions
  • The removal of cysts and tumors located in the oral region. In some cases these tumors are also removed from the neck area also.
  • Extensive treatment of a cleft condition that occurs on the palate or on the tongue
  • Reconstructive surgery to correct a patients bite
  • Repairs done on the cheek, eye socket, jaw and nose fractures
  • Dental implants where the implant has been fused to a patients jaw bone
  • Treatment of disorders that could cause facial pain

In most cases, patients that have any of the above problems will first need to visit with Salem Cosmetic dental office. After visiting directly with our Salem dental office, we will be able to refer you over to our oral surgery department where the surgeon can correctly diagnose the reason for your specified ailment.

Depending upon the type of surgery that you need performed, the healing time can differ dramatically. Also, the amount of money that you can expect to pay for one of these procedures will differ based upon your condition as well. Basically, if you suffer with any type of oral discomfort it would behoove you to visit with one of our adept dentists first so we can correctly analyze your problem.

If for some reasons your oral problem is extensive, we may refer you over to one of our adept surgeons that are certified in both medical practices as well as dental practices to carry out these types of procedures for you. Be aware, that most of the oral surgery procedures that are performed will involve you having to be put under some type of anesthetic. However, most of the surgeries that we perform in our office are outpatient surgeries.

If you are suffering from any of these ailments, you may be the perfect candidate for oral surgery. To speak with a surgeon or to schedule an appointment call Salem Oral Surgent.


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