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Dental Inlays & Onlays Salem, MAInlays or onlays may be necessary to obtain in order to restore your chewing surface, fix the cusp of your teeth, or help repair fractured or decayed teeth. Inlays are made from either porcelain or gold materials. Inlays are generally used for minor teeth restorations that appear along your teeth’s surface. On the other hand, onlays are used for advanced decay problems and to cover or restore larger areas on an individual’s tooth.

Inlays and onlays are generally referred to as an indirect way to restore a tooth or filling. They are fitted carefully onto the tooth that requires restoration services and then cemented into place. A crown is a good example of an onlay, because it is designed to completely cover the entire surface of an individual’s tooth.

It is mandatory that a patient seeking inlays or onlays visit our facility for two full sessions:

  • Your first visit consists of removing the decay from your tooth. Our adept group of professionals, choose to utilize a safe and comfortable way to eliminate your tooth decay, so you do not need to worry about this type of procedure causing you any discomfort. The tooth will then be cleaned thoroughly; the pulp area that is exposed will be filled during this time also. (The filling as mentioned earlier is either made from a gold or porcelain material). A mold will be taken of your tooth that will be extracted in order to create an exact fit inlay or onlay to help prevent any further decay or fractures from occurring.
  • The second session involves securing the mold that we previously taken of your tooth to the affected area. After securing the mold and ensuring that the mold is the correct fit for the area that you need it, our professionals will proceed to use a dental cement to help ensure that your inlay or onlay stay in place.

After an inlay or onlay procedure has been performed you can expect the results of your dental corrective surgery to last for a period of ten to twenty years. However, be aware that as long as you take care of your oral health and follow your dentist’s procedures carefully you can elongate the average longevity period for this type of procedure as well. Dentists simply give a guesstimated time frame of ten to twenty years based upon what they have seen in the past after this procedure has been performed on other patients.

Gold materials have been used for inlay and onlay procedures due to the fact that these materials can easily be molded to your tooth to help ensure that decay is cut back to a minimal state. However, thanks to the advancements that have occurred in dental industry, porcelain materials are commonly used. These materials are made on an individualized basis to ensure that they match our patient’s teeth color for a natural and stunning appearance.

If you are considering having an inlay or onlay procedure performed, look no further than Salem Dentist Office.

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