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Dentures, Salem MADisease, genetic disorders and malnutrition can cause a patient to have to have their lower or upper teeth extracted. It can be devastating to have your teeth removed, however dentures can provide these Salem patients with a second chance at a dazzling smile.

An individual that obtains a full set of dentures will not only get the assistance that they need when it comes to chewing their food, but they will also obtain support to their facial structure and an improvement in their speech. Immediate dentures are generally given to patients in order to allow their gums to heal and their bones to align correctly after having their teeth extracted. The healing process that follows teeth extractions can take up to six months, therefore immediate dentures create a great way for patients to obtain a wonderful smile while waiting for their permanent set of dentures to arrive.

Salem Dentist Patients that do not require a full set of dentures, can have partial dentures placed in their mouths in order to replace one missing string of teeth. These partial dentures are secured to the rest of your teeth with clasps, and they are integrated into your smile.

Conventional dentures can be removed, but there are different denture designs that exist these days as well. Some dentures require special bonds while other dentures use a series of clasps. There are two categories that dentures can fall into depending on the area where they will be used to replace missing teeth either on the maxillary arch or the mandible arch.

Dentures can help patients in many different ways, however we thought that it would be beneficial to highlight four of the top ways that dentures that can assist patients.

1 .Mastication - A patients ability to chew their food is greatly improved whenever denture teeth are used as an aide.

2. Appearance - The presence of teeth in a patients mouth will help to enhance their facial appearance. Also, adorning dentures will help provide support for a patients lips, cheeks, and also correct the unattractive collapse appearance that individuals tend to obtain whenever they have lost teeth.

3. Speech - Whenever a patient has their teeth replaced by utilizing dentures as their aide, they will be able to speak clearer in the same means that they did when they had their own teeth. Their pronunciation of certain terms will be clear and concise, individuals without teeth can often times be difficult to understand.

4. Self esteem - Patients who have dentures tend to feel better about themselves. They are not ashamed to smile and they generally seem a lot more confident in crowded situations. For elderly people, having dentures make s them feel youthful once more.

Regardless of the type of dentures that you require, we will help ensure that each patient receives natural appearing results that match our patients facial structure and the desired tooth color that they want.

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