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Dentist Peabody, MA

The chief aim of Aleris Dental is to extend quality service to all of our patients in Peabody and beyond. Serving outlying areas like Beverly, Marblehead, Salem, and Swampscott, we strongly believe that the dental services offered by our staff create foundations of a great doctor-patient partnership. So much so that, the painful experiences associated with a visit to the dentist becomes a thing of the past.

Unlike what many people believe, dental services are not meant to fix things only when they are broken. For proper dental health and hygiene, regular check-ups are a necessity. As many as 200 different kinds of diseases can occur in the teeth and gum region alone. In order to prevent the risk of any or every of such diseases, we always encourage regular dental check-ups. Ours is a family dental clinic that takes care of any and every dental problem with the help of our staff and their high degree of professional skills and abilities. We understand that every patient is different. It is our goal to see to it that all their specific needs are addressed and that each of them receives their desired treatment. We use the most current tools and the latest techniques in our dental clinic in order to improve the oral health of our clients and also to make their visits as comfortable as possible. We believe that the right treatment at the right time helps prevent a lot of unwanted problems. Such preventive care also minimizes the cost of reconstructive work. It is only through proper knowledge of dental care and hygiene that we can build a positive awareness towards dental health.

We understand the pain and psychological trauma that people go through when they have bad teeth. When you have to think several times before you flash a smile, know that it is time that you drop in at a dental clinic. Our dental office, offering service in and around Peabody, MA, also offers the latest in cosmetic dentistry. After a thorough check up and assessment of the needs of the patient, we provide the required treatment- be it repairs of broken and damaged tooth, tooth filling or teeth whitening. All our processes ensure that the patient suffers least pain and that the final results are attractive, functional and easy to keep clean. All our services are offered at highly affordable rates. At our family dentistry clinic our Peabody clients are most welcome and we always ensure that our patients get the best services for the greatest value of their money.

So, the next time you think of finding a dentist in and around the area of Peabody, MA, look no further. Our dental office creates a most comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for you and your family. Here at Aleris Dental, we ensure the most humble and thorough service from our highly adept staff. With years of experience in the field, we have built a reputation for ourselves where we pride ourselves in the fact that those who have visited us once and benefited from our services, come back time and after.

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