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For well over 150 years, there has been one dental procedure that dentists would use in order to fill in cavities. Dentist would use a mixture of different metals that include mercury and silver in order to fill in an infected area. Back when this was the only procedure that existed for this type of dental work, people were used to seeing different dark grey areas in an individual’s mouth when they smiled or laughed.

Dental Composite Fillings @ Salem Dental OfficeCavities & Fillings

With the advancements that have taken place in dental technology these days, patients can fill in their cavities or other hollow areas in their teeth by having composite fillings used. Composite fillings are the complete opposite of what traditional fillings are. These types of fillings are constructed from special resins that are designed to match your existing tooth color. Once these fillings are affixed to your teeth, they appear to be translucent.

Dental composites were first introduced in the 1960’s, they were designed to be confined to a patients front teeth simply because they were not strong enough to withstand the pressure and wear that a patients back teeth would cause. These days, composites are not only used to help restore decayed areas of a patients teeth but they are also used in a variety of cosmetic procedures also.

In order for these composites to be used a patients teeth, any decay that exists on the patients teeth must be removed first. This removal process is used to prepare the tooth and to also condition the enamel of the tooth and its dentin. After the tooth has been conditioned, then a thin layer of resin is applied to this area. The resin which is applied will bond to the etched surface of the patient’s tooth. The placement period for these composites will depend upon the size and the location of the cavity. The larger the cavity size the longer the procedure will take to be carried out.

After the composite has been placed inside of a patient’s mouth, they will be hardened by shining the filling with a bright light. The light, is traditionally shined on the area for a period of forty seconds, and then the procedure is complete.

Composite fillings also provide an adequate seal when applied to an affected area. This seal will help prevent any further tooth decay from occurring. In order to decide if composite fillings are adequate for your dental needs, there are a few factors that we evaluate first:

-The overall size of the area that needs to be filled in
-The location where the infected area is found (ex. Is the tooth in question heavily used for chewing)
-Any allergies that the patient may have to certain materials
-Does the patient prefer to use different metals in their mouth
-Is it aesthetically beneficial for the patient to have tooth colored fillings

Feel free to give Salem Dentist a call today to schedule an appointment. We will work with you in order to determine if composite fillings are the best solution to your teeth ailments.

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