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Dental Bridges in Salem MassIf you are searching for a way to fill spaces caused by a missing tooth or a tooth that has been removed a dental bridge may be the answer to your problems. There are many different dental bridges that patients can choose from:

Traditional Bridges in Salem area

The first type of bridges are known as traditional bridges. These types of bridges are amongst one of the most common types of bridges available on the market today. The main function of these bridges is to close any empty spaces that exist between one or more teeth. False teeth are secured by using a series of crowns on a patients teeth. The false tooth can be placed on whatever side that the space exists on, thus filling in any apparent gaps that are noticable in between an individuals teeth.

Cantilever Bridges : Salem MA

Another type of bridge, commonly referred to as cantilever bridges are used to replace a single tooth that does not have any additional supporting teeth on both sides of the area that is affected.

Maryland Bonded Bridges North Shore

The third type of bridge is known as the Maryland bonded bridges. These types of bridges consist of artificial teeth and gums that are generally held together by a single metal frame.

After you and your Salem Dentist have decided upon the correct type of bridge to use for your dental work, you will then be advised of the materials that will need to be used along with the different laboratory tests that you may have to undergo. The materials that the dentist decides to use for your particular bridge work will depend on a variety of different factors. Generally the materials used will depend on the area where the bridge is to be inserted, your dental insurance coverage along with several other factors that will be outlined by your dentist to you.

Most dental bridges that are used today are made from a variety of different materials which include a combination of both porcelain and metal, porecelain and gold combinatations, as well as high strength materials that are free from metals. The high grade materials are generally either alumina or zirconia.

Several x-rays will be taken in the area that requires a bridge to be inserted. Based upon the number of teeth that you are missing, a dentist may decide to give you a bridge that consists of three or more different units.

In order for a patient to receive bridges, they will need to visit Salem Dentist Office a total of three times. The first visit consists of fitting a patients teeth with a supporting bridge that is used to make room for the device. The patient will then be fitted for crowns. During the next, crowns are bonded to the teeth that surround the open space in an individuals mouth. Different molds are then taken for the bridge that will be inserted for the time being. On the last visit, dental bridges are secured to any supporting crowns found in a patients mouth.

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